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Showlow Family Fitness

Showlow Family Fitness

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This design was made for a gym in Showlow, Arizona. It features the color scheme of the gym, videos of the gym, classes and other features.


The portfolio page of Tomasz Gryc and AzDesignPlan.

Thank you for viewing my portfolio. Over time I have accumilated quite a bit of designs and skills throughout the years that I have been in the design industry. Personally I believe that people shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a website design that has sub-par quality, lacks originality and uniqueness, outdated, or just plain out ugly. Most design services charge $700 and upwards for these designs and then charge the client for every little change after that.
My design services vary from web design and development, logo design and corporate identity, e-mail construction, photo and product editing, image restoration and many more. Feel free to contact me about my services and I will reply as soon as I can with a quote and time frame.

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Website Graphics

Arizona Graphic And Web Design Leader

In my years in the graphic design community, I have had many phases in my design career. I have been at the forefront of web design, design techniques, and more recently, front end web development.
The designs I create and and code are made not only to statisfy the general population, but they are made for all visitors to ensure your products, services or information go out to all types of people perfectly.
Web Browser Capability ensures that browsers of all kinds will display the same information correctly.
Fluid and Responsive Designs allow screen resolutions of all kinds including wide screen, full screen, tablet and phones to see all of the content without having to scroll for no reason.
Light Weight Coding allows for faster load times, especially for slower internet service providers. This means that any and all visitors can get to your products, services or information faster and will keep them coming back.
Keeping you informed throughout the design process is one of the most important things. Your input during any stage in the process will effect the final outcome.