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Hello my name is Tomasz and thanks for visting

What do I do? Well, I do a variety of things ranging from print design to web design and services. I have experience in logo design, web design, web development, e-mail design and coding, image restoration, manipulation and editting, and lots more. Visit my portfolio for some examples of my work. Feel free to contact me if you like what I have to offer, if you have any questions, or if you would like to have your website design analyzed. All quotes are free!


determine the type of design required, audience and purpose.


define industry standards and merge with client plans


develop a fully unique design that features functionality and products


producing the correct files in the correct format and dpi

Graphic And Web Design

Being in the design industry for so long, I have seen many trends come and go. With focusing on the latest design trends, product & service placement, and the most up-to-date coding techniques, I use my skill-set to provide a unique and user friendly design that is perfect for your specifications and needs.

With a list of projects ranging from:

  1. Wordpress themes
  2. IPB & vBulletin forum skins
  3. MySpace div overlays
  4. E-Commerce designs spanning areas from fashion to food
  5. Personal web templates for users and companys
  6. Corporate Emails
  7. Image And Product Editting
  8. Photo restoration

All of the designs have mulitple areas of focus including product placement, typography, unique designs, and functionality.