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Showlow Family Fitness

Showlow Family Fitness

  • Web Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Custom Coding

This design was made for a gym in Showlow, Arizona. It features the color scheme of the gym, videos of the gym, classes and other features.


Creative Myspace Div Overlay

Creative Myspace


  • Web Design
  • Myspace Div Overlay
  • Custom Myspace

This design was first made in 2007 and then remade recently to be a full website. Its original purpose was to be a myspace div overlay which means that instead of having the generic myspace layout profile, I could make a custom code and make it look like it was my own. After designing and coding I stopped working with myspace and went onto full websites. These designs were used to advertise my design services as well as my deviantART profile.

Web Design And Photoshop Services

My photoshop services span from areas of image vectoring, image cutting (rendering backgrounds), image manipulation, image editting and photo restoration. All of my techniques feature the latest in photoshop filters and years of experience with conventional tools.
My web design services span from web sites, blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, various forum platforms, myspace div overlays as well as other websites that allow custom coding, and e-mail construction.