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Showlow Family Fitness

Showlow Family Fitness

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This design was made for a gym in Showlow, Arizona. It features the color scheme of the gym, videos of the gym, classes and other features.


Arizonas Top Web And Graphic Design

My services are quite affordable as compared to those companies which will charge you $499 starter fee for a website design which you may not even like! Don't overpay ever again with AzDesignPlan. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to hire me.

Web Design Services

My web design services are very affordable whether you're looking for a personal website, small business or even large corporations. I have many examples of my work in my portfolio. I have experience in both designing and front end development. My designs are at the forefront of todays trends and my coding is valididated xHTML Strict 1.0 with CSS 3.0.


I charge a flat fee of $49 for a web design with sliced images. This means that you get the original photoshop (.psd) file, the .jpg of the design, and all of the sliced images ready to be coded. This package includes up to 3 major revisions of the design which are completely free.

Web Coding & Development Services

For full websites, I can currently code for front end development with experience in xHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS 3.0 with minor work in jQuery. For corporate e-mails, I can code in tables for the best outcome in every e-mail client.


My coding services are subject to change but have a base fee of $99 per website page, $29 per email, or you can take advantage of my combination deal of web design and coding and take a full website package for $129. Don't spend $899 at other design services for low quality work, shotty coding and terrible customer service.

Media Print Designs

For anything spanning from restaurant menu designs, corporate logos, CD covers, and even t-shirt designs, I have done it all. All of my clients have recieved the correct formatting for their print designs so that way the designs come out as crisp as possible after printing.


Due to the nature and complexity of print design, the cost varies as to what is being designed. All of my print designs are formatted in 300 DPI and in CMKY format for the best color clarity after printing. Logo and t-shirt designs are also given in .ai formats for resizing purposes. Most media print designs will start at $39 and will not exceed $69, ever. Please contact me for more details.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are trying to get more leads for your business, more clients and more sales, search engine optimization is a necessity to get more income! Getting a high ranking on search engine websites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask are our priority by optimizing every page of your website to get the most search terms thru a plethora of tools and databases with keywords pertaining to your business, blog or forum.


Optimizing a website is dependant on a multitude of factors that vary on the type of website, the amount of pages, the CMS (if you have one), products or services and the rate at which you update your website. Most SEO packages start at a very low price of $49 and go up. Please contact me for more details on SEO packages.

Graphic Services

Graphic services differ from Media Print Designs for the simple fact that these are made for the internet and therefore are in a lower resolution and a different format then print design. These include advertising banners, website banners, forum icons, blog graphics and more!


These images usually start off at a low price of $25 depending on the complexity of the graphic. Most graphics will not run over $50. Please check out the portfolio page for examples of website graphics that I have made.

Image Editing And Restoration Services

Image editing, restoration and product editing is something I have practiced for years now. This can vary a simple addition to a picture, taking out elements of a photo to restoring photos of your family. I have examples located in my portfolio located under the Image Restoration And Editing heading.


Most image and product edits will run no more then $25. Infact, most will run around $10 if not less! Please contact me for details and exact pricing for the images. Image Restortaion on the other hand will be a little more starting at $25 and going upwards to no more then $50. You will have to contact me with a the actual picture (or a digital copy/scan) of the picture so I can tell you the exact details of the picture and how I would go about restoring it.

My Services & Pricing

Although I have a variety of services, many of them span from only taking a couple minutes and others may take weeks. Accurate pricing is key when giving out a quote on a project.

All of the designs have mulitple areas of focus including product placement, typography, unique designs, and functionality.